Wednesday Class Info

Wednesday Classes

Winter 2019 Wednesday Class Dates/10 week sessions:

January 16, 30
February 6, 13, 27
March 6, 13, 27
April 3, 10

Beginner (Levels 1 and 1.5) ATS®/American Tribal Style® Belly Dance Classes - Taught by Victoria

8-9 PM, Studio 4, at Dance Saskatchewan Inc., 205 Pacific Avenue

Learn the basics of the American Tribal Style® belly dance format! This class will feature Level 1 and 1.5 repertoire, building your knowledge of Level 1 moves. Developing a strong understanding of the format will build your ability to: pick up choreographies in any style of belly dance, improvise, dance in a group, and play finger cymbals confidently. This class will begin your training in Fat Chance Belly Dance style ATS®, so you can learn the most up to date versions of moves and develop your knowledge and abilities in ATS®, through these FCBD Sister Studio certified classes. 

*Finger cymbals required.

* No prior experience needed!

Introductory Belly Dance

9-10 PM, Studio 4, at Dance Saskatchewan Inc., 205 Pacific Avenue

Come out and try belly dancing!! Learn to isolate muscles, build technique, and have fun shimmying and grooving to wonderful music. This class is a multi-style introduction to belly dancing. We will focus on basic belly dance techniques, move combinations, and building your skills to feel confident and comfortable dancing up a belly dance storm. Come on out and experience a fun way to get some exercise, build core strength, improve balance and posture, and learn about Middle Eastern dance and culture. 

* No prior dance or belly dance experience required, all are welcome!